About Us

Since 2006, Listo Loans and its team of friendly and knowledgeable associates have been providing El Paso/Juarez Metroplex customers with money they need and with very affordable monthly payments.

Our expert customer loan associates have many years of experience, can answer all your questions and provide you with a quick and easy loan to meet your budget. Plus, our contracts are easy to understand and read, the customer will know up front what all the cost and terms are.

Many of our customers become like family because great service and trust are so important to building our relationship with you the customer. Your success in building credit and repaying your loan is our success too!

  • We are also committed to keeping your information protected and private.
  • We are licensed and regulated by the State of Texas

We are not a Payday or Car title lender

We also do starter loans too! New customers are always welcome!

Getting a loan is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Se Habla Espanol.

  • Minimum Loan Requirements
    • Minimum of 6 months at your current job (full time or 32 hours per week)
    • Last 2 check stubs or proof of income
    • Proof of address under your name (utility bills, etc.)
    • State issued driver’s license or identification from TX or NM
    • Social security card
    • 4 references family only, name, address, phone number.
    • Checking or savings account